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I'm the founder of The Editing Forge, a multi-faceted company working to elevate genre fiction. No matter whether you plan to self-publish, hope to be picked up by an indie press, or dream of being traditionally published, you've come to the right place! 

I began in 2020 as one freelance editor looking to make a difference for the horror genre. Since then, I've opened the doors to all genres. And though I've added multiple divisions, services, and products to meet the needs of the writing community, at the heart of The Editing Forge, we're still that one editor simply trying to help authors achieve their dreams.

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Publishing your novel is hard. Working with an editor shouldn't be. But it also shouldn't only be about finding and fixing errors in your manuscript. Anyone can do that. 

What sets me apart is my goal to become an integral part of your team and the foundation upon which you build a successful author career. If you're looking for a service that will help elevate your style, identify and enhance your voice, bring your characters to life, challenge your perspective and hone your craft, then The Editing Forge is the only editor for you. 

In my opinion, if I do my job correctly, the authors who have worked with me before return with cleaner copy and more fully developed storylines with each consecutive project. It's my job to work harder so you need me less. This helps reduce your future costs and makes your publishing process more streamlined.

Interested in working with me? View my Services page or choose the Custom Inquiry menu option.

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A professional-level editing resource for the career-focused author. No matter your publishing goals, How to Self-Edit Your Novel will help you improve your writing and your reader impressions, with a foreword by author John Palisano, former president of the Horror Writers Association



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Editing is not a one-size-fits-all commodity. It's meant to be tailored to the author's and the manuscript's specific needs. The Editing Forge strives to meet those expectations with easy-to-understand packages for both new writers and established authors. These services are for those wishing to self-publish or are looking to have their manuscript polished prior to submission at a publishing house.

Click "Learn More" for a detailed list of packages!

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Before you hire a novel editor, it's very important to do your research. No two editors are the same. Each professional brings a unique skillset to the project, so it is imperative to find one whose style enhances your voice and narrative. However, looking at an editor's previous projects and client testimonials is a good place to start. It helps establish credibility and trust. 

That is why I have dedicated an entire page of my website to my clients—developmental editing, line and copy editing, and proofreading projects. I've loved working with them to polish their manuscripts, and I'm looking forward to working with you too!

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I was blown away at the quality and thoroughness of her edits. 




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