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A professional-level editing resource for the career-focused author. No matter your publishing goals, How to Self-Edit Your Novel will help you improve your writing and your reader impressions. 



Part of researching your perfect editor is determining whether that professional is experienced in the tier of editing your manuscript needs. You'll do this by reading testimonials from previous clients and looking at the editor's past projects. Check out reviews of those published novels on book distribution platforms and read samples.


The reviews will show your editor's competence in the tier of editing they applied to the project: a book noted as being "well written" and "flowed well" will mean a successful line and copy edit, while comments concerning the hook or continued engagement in the story will speak to an insightful developmental edit. Likewise, reading a sample will give you an idea whether the editor is a grammatical purist or if they defer to a lighter hand. 

Below you'll find a list of testimonials and past projects The Editing Forge has worked on, along with corresponding links to their distribution platform for review research.

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The Devils Shallows.jpeg

The Complete Dark Earth Rising Series


"Lyndsey edited my horror novel The Devil's Shallows, and once again, I was blown away at the quality and thoroughness of her edits. Remember when Donald Rumsfeld made that famous statement about the knowns, known knowns, and unknown knowns? It's kind of like that. There's the stuff I'm sure needs fixing. Then there's the stuff I suspect needs fixing. And then Lyndsey gets to work, cleans all that up, and then digs out landmines you had no idea were there." 

Tier of Editing: Line and Copy Editing, Proofreading


The Complete Fallen Light Series


"Working with Lyndsey was an incredible experience. This is my second novel, and having worked with several editors in the past, I was blown away by her professionalism, communication, and incredible knowledge of the editing process...Her attention to detail is beyond any level I've ever seen...She is absolutely worth the investment."

Tier of Editing: Line and Copy Editing, Proofreading

For Testimonials Page Everything is Temporary.jpeg

Slashtag and Everything is Temporary


"Overall, this has been a fantastic experience. The developmental edit was insightful and helped me get everything right, especially the ending! Lyndsey even went above and beyond with formatting—adding elements like bubbles around text messages to really help immerse the reader...The content was fantastic. Slashtag is definitely a greatly improved book because of Lyndsey's contributions. I'm excited to work together in the future."

Tier of Editing: Developmental Editing, Line and Copy Editing, Proofreading




"Fast, thorough, and insightful are the words I would use to describe Lyndsey's editing services. She is meticulous in her attention to detail, but she doesn't just correct punctuation and spelling mistakes. She strives to understand your work as a whole and offers suggestions to improve the story...She's also just really fun and cool to work with."

Tier of Editing: Line and Copy Editing, Proofreading

Rest Relax Run.jpeg

Rest, Relax, Run for Your Life and other titles


"Working with Lyndsey has been one of the best decisions I've made as an author. Professional, prompt, and thorough editing throughout my manuscripts were but the beginning of a wonderful working relationship. Lyndsey took the time to comment on some of her editing decisions, delve into my character arcs, and provide the book map she used for tracking plots that opened up a whole new perspective for me. You don't get what you pay for; you get more."

Tier of Editing: Developmental Editing, Line and Copy Editing, Proofreading

Glimpsing Aberrations.jpeg

Glimpsing Aberrations


"I just wanted to reach out again to let you know how grateful I am for your work on Glimpsing Aberrations. Your edits and feedback have far surpassed ​my expectations, and already, I feel the quality of each story has been improved tenfold!...I could not be happier with the work you did. Thank you so much!"

Tier of Editing: Line and Copy Editing, Proofreading

Tent Revival.jpeg

Tent Revival and The One


"The best editor out there. Lyndsey takes care of her clients every step of the way. She's flexible and makes your manuscript shine. She's a gem. Highly recommend."

Tier of Editing: Line and Copy Editing, Proofreading

Dia De Los Death.jpeg

Dia De Los Death and other titles


"Lyndsey is excellent. I like to refer to her as my 'word magician.' She has the rare knack of keeping true to the author's voice, not changing it but simply improving it by a million times. She's so friendly, supportive, and professional that you feel like she's part of your tribe...I say you get what you pay for, and she's worth every cent."

Tier of Editing: Line and Copy Editing, Proofreading

3 For Testimonials Stained Credence.jpeg

Stained Credence and other stories


"I believe Lyndsey's done a great job keeping my authorial voice intact throughout all stages of editing. She's quick and to the point but not curt and has a way of giving praise that leaves you feeling elated...THE deciding factor that won me over to work with her in lieu of the other editors I was talking with at the time was the way she spoke to me...I'm excited to continue working with her on the rest of my series and whatever else my little pantser heart cooks up."

Tier of Editing: Developmental Editing, Line and Copy Editing, and Proofreading

3 For Testimonials Lotus Tree.jpeg

The Lotus Tree


"Exceptional experience! The edits were thorough, prices were fair, communication was frequent, and the editor also supplied her thoughts on character development, plot, and storytelling elements. I will never go anywhere else for my editing needs."

Tier of Editing: Line and Copy Editing, Proofreading

Night of the Undead.jpeg

Night of the Undead Whores


"Lyndsey was very patient and kind in explaining her services and availability. When I got my manuscript back with her edits, she took the time to explain to me what she did and how to make it a stronger story. She also took the time to give me overall feedback on the plot, which I very much appreciated...I was very impressed with her edits. She made my story a lot stronger and smoother."

Tier of Editing: Line and Copy Editing, Proofreading

Off White Background Texture White linen backgroundjpg.jpg

BT Noonan

Lyndsey Smith has phenomenal instincts. Horrorsmith Editing will always be my first choice of editor. 




BT Noonan.jpeg
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